7 abr. 2011

Básicos -y no tanto- de la entrevista


Estamos terminando nuestras semanas de entrevista y si bien el género seguirá presente durante todo el curso (y durante todas sus carreras), vayamos ahora redondeando algunas lecturas que vale la pena realizar.

Some useful interview techniques

De esta lectura me encantó éste párrafo:

"Don’t be nervous. The athlete can’t hurt you. But you can hurt the athlete. He or she is the one who should be nervous, and probably is".

Rules to interview by

"Ask some questions that can be only answered with a story. When you’re an outsider to a place or situation, having people tell their stories is the quickest way to let them know you’re interested in them and their lives. Telling stories is primal, and allowing someone to do it creates a feeling of trust".

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